Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What eyeshadow is best for a royal blue prom dress?

My prom is this Saturday. I was originally going to go with a light blue eyeshadow with black eyeliner and etc (nice and simple), but I read online that a royal blue dress is best complimented by pink undertones. Anybody have any suggestions?

I have tan skin (Asian skin).What eyeshadow is best for a royal blue prom dress?
Gold is absolutely the way to go. I think a smokey eye might be a bit too intense with a navy dress, and with your tan skin, and I'm assuming dark eyes, there are really some ways to make it pop. Go with a shimmery gold on the lower lid, a champagne color above the crease, and a shimmery off white under the brow. what you can do is line is with navy and that would look awesome. use thick coats of dark mascara and you're set.What eyeshadow is best for a royal blue prom dress?
I think gold eyeshadow with a black eyeliner would be pretty and light pink lip gloss.
Vanilla! or a light gold color~
Go with Lexx's answer
blue if you like blue or vanilla!
Ok I am going to look on claires.com because they are all about proms at this moment.

I think some colors are

1) silver


2)dark blue

Hope I helped t least a little. I think that the silver would really bring out your eyes.
light gold would look good
i did silver when i had a navy blue dress
smoket eye would look really pretty but try and use some gold or silver

Sephora has a really nice selection of nice make up try there
I'd say... NO eye shadow...

keep it as natural as possible...

but if u just have to wear it... some tan, sandy colors... nothing too popping... jeje

and a shiny pinkish lip gloss, with some light blush, like the revlon ones with the gold in the middle!! those are grrrreat!!

a little eyeliner, and thats it....

= ]
One of my girlfriends wore a navy dress to our homecoming. I did her eyes in a silver liquid liner, or a light shimmery shadow. She has brown eyes and an olive skin tone. I was just looking at the pictures the other day and she looked beautiful.
None. Eyeshadow is disgusting.
i think a silver top with a lighter shade of blue on the lid
i would go with a classic black smokey eye. its simple and classy but at the same time, very elegant if done right.

blue is a hard color to mix other colors with concerning makeup so black is a good solution to that. if you want to go for an extra pop, you can add silvers and greys in. try extra thick mascara for a more modern and fancy look.

hope this helps :)
I would suggest a light natural color with pink glittery over it. My daughter wears it with blue all the time and it's really pretty.

Have fun!
Something natural would look good. Like the poster above me, a gold color would look great...just not to much lol

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